Greeting Hand

by Ullrich Läntzsch


for good reasons New York debates what to do what to omit
how to live on how to master what a picture could be standing
please your minds please your guts

here’s a vision overcoming anger sorrow fear and pain
all New Yorkers will be proud of what a building will be standing
ease your minds and ease your guts

Sixty Feet Below West Street

the two squares left by the twins remained uneven naked raw
that’s where people with relations to the ones that had been killed
placed bits and pieces

all the items full of meaning found a place to rest in peace
work of sorrow was conducted commemorated were them bits
and honored all dear pieces

past the service that had followed it was raining gently sand
for one night long on them two squares till all items had been buried
by a blanket of white sand

a most ancient kind of building monumental containment
a memorial as it’s known of all around the planet earth
sealed the sacred squares of sand

once New Yorkers have made out what was build to stay for good
on the footprints of them towers they admit there was no shape for
but the classic pyramid

above the squares of white sand two flat pyramids were build
just by steps of glass to be right where the picture is still standing
in our minds and in our guts

above the first ones as a shield providing space enough for silence
two more pyramids were build to house the picture which is standing
in our minds and in our guts

the two thousand eight hundred and one names were written on the black
smooth solid inside of the outer pyramids cause the picture is still standing
in our minds and in our guts

the outer pyramids were covered by what was newer seen before
it was no stone nor was it glass but somehow it was certain
it was made out of by debris

after washed with ocean water the debris had to be melted
in order to obtain this decent dark and shiny surface
way beyond to be compared

The Roof

to shelter the two pyramids the roof was held by huge pilasters
pilasters which like giant trees had way up mighty branches
strong arms to hold a roof

with space above the pyramids and West Street went through underneath
the floating roof was large as large as neighborhood allowed
to cover all Ground Zero

from all the streets adjoining straight stairs let to the roof
with lots of green and water and railings for protecting
the windows to look down

The Hand

all rough and ready questions condense to a single one
what should this building stand for as the picture is still standing
in our minds and in our guts

proudly erected on the roof there was the simple answer
hello distinct and pleasing as friendly in its manner
just as New Yorkers are

now is there any other mute way to say hello
for all on every continent for everyone to understand
but raise your hand

raised from the ashes a stylized high-tech sculpture stood
was unmistakably a hand a structure with five fingers
a finger for each continent

the impression was as if the hand’s been here forever
as if a very proud New York was greeting by its skyline
the world friendly hello


that hand above two pyramids is nothing but a dream
yet of the kind a man had long ago before a statue had been shipped
from Paris to New York

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